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Search for The Living Legend

August 31, 2010

Haji Rais, seated, left, in one of the production sets for a local drama series, Perjalanan or journey made in 2008. Pic from: RegalBlue Production

At press time, Liau Badar is still missing, three days after his fishing boat was found floating near Jerudong beach without him. Liau Badar whose real name is Awang Haji Rais bin Banih, aged 74, is a very well-known artist especially from Brunei’s hit Tv drama series, ‘Keluarga Liau Badar’ or  ‘Family of Liau Badar’. He plays the main character as the head of his family of three in the series.

It was reported in the local news that Haji Rais left for his usual fishing outing last Sunday morning. By ten, a relative found his boat floating and alerted Search and Rescue team, said the report. Until now as I post this, he is still missing. The news report said that he is feared to be drowned. Search continues. The news shocked many Bruneians. Facebookers gave him the title the ‘Living Legend’ and there’s even a community page in Facebook with the name Keluarga Liau Badar.

On the ‘Kelaurga Liau Badar,’ I think if there is a vote, I would choose the series as the best ever Brunei drama with the whole cast winning an award. The drama is popular here in Brunei as the language use is a truly Bruneian dialect, only understood by Bruneians obviously. There are hidden messages in the drama as it tells the daily issues faced by Bruneians, from money to health to education but relayed with humorous scripts. For Liau Badar, his character is more to a fatherly-figure, advising his wife and his only daughter, Dang Limah on everyday life. Here is a post from the Blogmanison blog on one of the series entitled ‘Ribut’ or storm. The dialogue is very funny; you have to understand Brunei dialect though.

For the family of Haji Rais, I pray for the best. Only Allah The Most Knowledgeable knows. Wallahua’alam. He would surely be missed.

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