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Ramadan Ya Karim

August 11, 2010

Ya Allah, berkahilah puasa kami
Bimbinglah kami untuk menyempurnakan puasa kami
Berilah keberkahan pada kami di bulan suci ini
Berilah hidayah pada saudara kami yang lain
Agar hati & jiwa kami bersih serta cenderung pada jalan yang engkau ridhai
Amiin. Amiin. Yaa Robbal ‘Aalamiin

~ from Islam terbukti benar Facebook page.

Alhamdullilah, we meet the holy month again this year. Maher Zain, the popular Muslim artist in his post said that he will be participating again in the ‘Celebrate Mercy’ during the holy month and share his thoughts and views with Muslim scholars around the world.

His post of Sunday, 8 August 2010 says: “While Ramadan is around the corner, I ask you please to be extra kind in the next 30 days by doing acts of good. Let us all remember the destitute people of Pakistan, Gaza and Darfur and elsewhere around the world and give from what Allah has given us. Don’t worry about the amount or value…just do your best and leave the rest to Allah.”

In Brunei, the fasting month is usually mark with more donations like donating cash (more to credit actually) via SMS for the orphans. I dont want to start arguing on how the system is managed, lets just donate sincerely and whole-heartedly.

With the humblest feeling, I bow to Allah’s greatness. Personally, I hope this year will be better than last year and as always, I pray for all Muslims around the world for eternal peace for mankind. May Allah gives His forgiveness and blessings in this holy month, amin.


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