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Brunei Garrison says namaste on its Open Day

June 11, 2010

Namaste! or ‘Hello’ in Hindi.  After 48 years in Brunei, the British Forces Brunei or also known as the Brunei Garrison in Seria opens its door to the public. There were a ‘fun-fair’ like events held in the 70’s or 80’s were they? Anyone can share the story?

I am still exhausted with the week’s happenings. So for now, I will just let the (amateur) pictures tell the story. Open Day for the public today until 5:00 in the afternoon. Heard there were thousands in the morning. Boh!

More information on the Brunei Garrison and the Brigade of Gurkhas from the UK in Brunei website, if there’s any interest. Also, more professional pictures from Jan of Shim World.

It was a normal day for the villagers. Note on the live goat and chicks at both ends of the pic.

A mock attack right in the field with very loud explosives

The village was attacked with scores of deaths. This is actually a mock attack, to show one of the Garrison's military capabilities; complete with tear gas and very loud explosives. Bring your ear plug along.

An injured army personnel being airlifted. There are three same shows today so you dont have to stay all day in the field. It was really hot yesterday.

Ming from the United Daily newspaper trying his hand on the machine gun. Yes, you can pull the trigger.

Jungle survival include getting off from such snake. In the background, snakes captured in Brunei forest.

CSI, move back. Yes we can track you down. The Gurkha showing the media how to track a person, even whether its a she or a he.

Pretty Gurkha ladies wearing their traditional sarees. There are more than 100 tribes of the Gurkhas.

Why they are here in Brunei? This board explains it. It dated back to 1962...Please get a magnifyer.

And another board explaining further....

This is how I work. Jan Shim, the photo-journalist from Shim World @

You can touch this. Try your hands on the various guns on display. An RTB crew trying on.

...or this one. Asri aiming his target.

Even a child can do it.

Items on sale include the kukri letter-opener. Kukri is the Nepalese traditional knife and each Nepalese must own one, or two.

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