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Social networking

May 29, 2010

With the explosion of online social networking sites like Facebook (FB), err, social networking has become easier especially for shy guys (and girls).You dont have meet face to face or stumble on words or cracking your head on your first liner to break the ice. Isnt it? Bless Mark Zuckerberg and other creators.

Now why did I bring about this? Owh, now I remember. I was clicking on a page in FB of a popular Bruneian shop which sells overseas products and under its ‘Looking for’ field – it says: Networking. Fine, ofcourse it want to network, its good for business…only to notice there’s the lock icon at the top saying it only share some information with everyone.

C’mmon lah. If you want business, you must share everything with everyone, dont you think? I may not have to be a fan of the page but ‘sharing only some information’ doesnt sound friendly to me. That shop has lost one potential customer. Me.

Okay read the next two more ‘serious’ posts…

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