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Bloggers Bazaar @ PinkNik – launch of Pink Desserts 2010

May 29, 2010

A page from the Pink Desserts 2010. Pic from the PINKNIK Facebook page.

Look at the velvety cupcakes. Yummy right? Cupcakes, cheesecakes, meringues, muffins, puddings and even bahulu or Brunei’s own mini sponge cake – all 53 recipes can be found in this Pink Desserts 2010 recipe book. To buy the book, you have to go to the PinkNik Bloggers Bazaar (poster below), pay Br$10 per copy and viola! the book’s yours. You can start drooling just by looking at the pics.

While you are drooling or thinking on which recipe to try for the next Raya, you are actually donating to a good cause where all proceeds from the sale of the recipe book will go to support the Brunei Breast Cancer Support Group. Notice that I said ‘all’. Yes, 100% will go to the support group. No, we bloggers or anyone involve in the making of the book are not making profit of it.The only thing we get, or at least I can speak for myself, is the satisfaction to be involved in such a noble cause. Time to get back to the community, in a nutshell. Somewhat similar reasons can be found here.

Better hurry and go to the bazaar tomorrow, Sunday as there are only 1,000 copies of the book. Yes only a thousand and thats it. No more re-print. For those who could not make it to the bazaar, the books are also on sale at Swensens at The Mall, Shop@Sarah at Seri Qlap Mall and also Frangipani Bistro and Cafe in Sengkurong.

What’s at the bazaar? So far, the 41 guests who confirmed setting up their own mini stall are selling more foodies (meaning more makan) -brownies, cookies, burgers, pasta and even soto or noodle soup; as well as  ‘preloved’ clothes and paintings.

On this happy thought about food, I would like to take my hats off to Senor Pablo for his (always) amazing ideas – keep ’em coming, Pab! Thanks also to fellow bloggers, some I just got to know from this project for their contribution and ideas and last but not least to Masjuwita, the President of the Brunei Breast Cancer Support Group and the ladies in the group.

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