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Go Pink! – Support the Brunei Breast Cancer Support Group

March 21, 2010

After the success of last year’s ‘My Favourite Recipes Book’ which raised more than B$10,000 for the Brunei Special Olympic team; the Brunei foodie bloggers are now up to a second book. This time its the Brunei Foodies v. Pink project its called where anyone and everyone can contribute their dessert (only) recipes and selected winning recipes will be collected in a book to raise fund for the Brunei Breast Cancer Support Group.

All for a good cause, here’s how you can contribute:

  1. Think of one of your favourite desserts;
  2. Type down the recipe in your very own (pinky) and sexy way and email it to: ;
  3. Bring your recipe to a venue where the address will be emailed back to you at 3pm on Sunday, 11 April 2010 – it’s judgement day; and
  4. ‘Eat and socialise’ says Senor Pablo.

Now why are the foodie bloggers doing this PINK project? Well, the Brunei Foodies says that apart from being the most delicious colour, pink is also the colour associated with raising the awareness for breast cancer. The disease has affected some 400 people in Brunei and these are not confine to the ladies but men too.

So what are you waiting for? Get your recipes out of the shelves and contribute to a worthy cause.

P/s ~ how many pink words did you notice in my post? I did say go pink!

Source: Maurina with more pink story to tell.

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