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Earth Hour – its show time Brunei

March 4, 2010

Lets go back to the Dark Age where, well, the earth was in darkness come night time. I can’t resist posting on this topic. It caught my eyes when a friend invited me to join the event via Facebook. For the first time since the global initiative to tackle global warming began in 2007, Earth Hour will be organized in Brunei. Yes, here in Brunei! Venue yet to be advised but it will be held on Saturday, 27 March 2010 at 08:30 in the evening. The event has already supported by the Energy Division of the Prime Minister’s Office and recognized by the Earth Hour Global and WWF, says the Earth Hour Brunei Facebook page.

Now I stumbled across another page in FB but was meant for 2009. The Earth Hour Brunei Chapter has only 89 members then and this year’s page has already453 members as I type this post. What does the difference in numbers tell you? You do the maths.

Just an hour without the use of energy. Yes, make Brunei to a standstill for just sixty minutes. Come on Brunei, we can survive without using energy for an hour. The Executive Director of the Earth Hour Global, Andy Ridley has written in to the Brunei Times to appeal to Bruneians to join millions of people across the world to switch off the light for an hour. Andy suggested a candlelight concert in the park and encourage people to switch off the lights at the Royal Regalia. Now, I like that idea. If not, why not just enjoy a romantic candle-lit dinner, stroll along the river with your loved one. If I am not mistaken it will be around full moon that 27th March, mmm… am booking my partner now.  

Earth Hour has 5 million supporters from over 100 countries. Brunei is one of them.

Earth Hours has 5 million supporters from over 100 countries. Brunei is one of them.

Earth Hour began in Sydney in 2007 and is an initiative of the World Wildlife Fund for Nature, aimed at raising awareness of climate change by providing an opportunity for organizations and individuals to think about their daily power consumption and impacts on the environment as well as to consider ongoing changes to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and improve the environmental performance.

To participate and find out more on this global act, simply register at the Earth Hour website. Then on Saturday, 27 March 2010at exactly 08:30 in the evening, just for an hour; switch off all lights and electrical equipment and appliances (including your Astro – sorry if there’s the UK Premier on at that time).

Last year, a comment from EarthHour participant says that the only place that fully supported Earth Hour in Gadong was Chill Café at The Mall. ‘Gadong was like a circus and the National Stadium was the brightest f them all that night’, he writes. I know some hotels like The Empire, OGH and Sheraton as well as banks like HSBC and Standard Chartered supported Earth Hour last year.

Lets see who really supports the Earth Hour in Brunei this year. Hope to see more. Spread the words please. Thanks.

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