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Energy drainer

October 20, 2009

Its only Tuesday and now its 15:30 hrs as I type and I am already drained. Yesterday at work was hectic, not only because its Monday but my computer crashed. I just got back to work and I was sure emails and tasks would be shouting for my attention. I tried to sign in and all there to see was this blue screen. Nice! So now I am working from another work-station which is painfully s-l-o-w that even I have time to multi-task other stuff that doesnt need a click on the keyboard in between coffee and chocolate chips. Tuesday now and still no sign of recovery of my computer, I have to resort to the turtle work-station.

While googling for “energy booster” or ‘energy drinks or quick-fix food to boost energy level or smarter lunch”, I came up with this interesting article on ‘Out of Energy’ by one Denise Schipani. Denise outlined that there are nine things that zap our energy and writes how to fix them. She started the article with ‘It’s 3pm….’ How timely!

To save your energy reading the full article, I have put a summary of the list of the energy zippers and their fixes:

  1. Being addicted to e-mail (ehem …) – If you continually halt to what you are doing to answer e-mail, check voice mail, and attend other beepers and blips from your pc or Blackberry, your attention becomes diluted which leaves you feeling depleted.  Fix this by switching off your electronic gadgets during your most productive hours – usually in the morning.
  2. Visual clutter – I like this one. According to me (hehe), clutter equal to mess. The article says clutter signals disorder which makes us anxious. Our brain sense that anxiety. Fix: clear the clutter hun to give your eyes a rest rather than dart from mess to mess.
  3. Being bored – I don’t know if anyone has time to get bored at work and if yes, please switch position with me. I never seem to have that time. Well, boredom for some people can be due to doing the same job or task so it’s monotonous.  Mental foot-dragging, boredom and lack of motivation are draining. Energy fix this by finding a partner or co-worker in a time challenge. Or, promise yourself a motivational reward for completing the task at hand.
  4. Poor posture – Hunching wrecks havoc on your energy level. Enough said. Reboot your posture with these tips from my fav instructor, Denise Austin.  
  5. Toxic indoor air – Copy machines, office carpet, cleaning chemicals all produce toxins in the air and you dont know how it can contribute to the level of toxins in your body. Go outside for ten minutes and smell the coffee or flowers or have houseplants inside. Dont also wear your shoes inside your house as youre dragging not just dirt in your soles but also chemicals and harmful pesticides from outside. Now you know why Asians leave their shoes outside the house? Islam has long taught on this due to the same reason.
  6. Eating too much at once –  The effect of a heavy lunch is most noticeable in the afternoon because the slump happens at that reach-for-coffee-or-sugar hour – at 3pm. Fix this by eating every four hours instead of six. Increase your energy by smarter lunch which what I was looking for in the first place!
  7. Living in artificial light – Know your body rhythm – our body rhymes with the sun as it means its time to wake up (or should have woken up for Subuh). So a 10 to 20 minute walk in the sun may boost your energy instead of staying indoors during lunch break (this is a note to myself too).
  8. Listening to Negative Nellies – Pardon to anyone name Nelly but Negative Nellies? I have experienced this sort of person who just nags and whines and complaints every single thing in her life and boy, was I exhausted myself. So avoid Nellies.
  9.  Holding to a grudge – Resentment is a huge energy-drainer and such negative emotions along with anger are toxic as they hung inside our tense muscles. So the answer, though it takes practise (and time) is to forgive old mistakes. We are all humans and are bound to make mistakes.

Okay I feel rejuvenated posting this here and reading THAT email make my day too 😉

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