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Brunei stamps

October 7, 2009
One of the earliest 1 cent stamps from Brunei.

One of the earliest 1 cent stamps from Brunei.

I dont know if most people use slow mails nowadays with the advancement of technology. E-cards, e-invites via social networking like Facebook and Twitter are the norms now. I dont know how postal departments around the globe are surviving now. I do, however appreciate stamps. For a start, a stamp can be part of our history, our culture, tradition; everything that encompass our daily lives.  

According to the Postal Services Department, the earliest known use of a postage stamp in Brunei was one bearing a Brooketown (an old name for Muara) postmarked 24 April 1894 –  thats more than a century ago. A small post office was set up at Broketown in 1893 for the coal-mining workers of Brooke. The office was under the Sarawak Government operating a monthly mail service to and fro Kuching until 1907. If anyone remembers Brunei’s history, 1906 was the year when the first British Resident came to Brunei.  You can read more on Brunei’s postal history from the Postal Services website. I do notice a typo error though under its introduction when it says that “….The manager of the Central Borneo Company of Labuan, one John Robertson, obtained a concession in 1984 from Sultan Hashim to operate a postal service in Brunei Town (Bandar Seri Begawan)...” Can’t be 1984!

 001I was looking at the latest thematic stamp produced by the Brunei’s Postal Services Department which will be issued as of this Friday, 9th October 2009. The name of the latest issue is ‘Wild Orchids of Brunei Darussalam Series I. The stamps are in the denomination of $1.00, 20 cents and 10 cents and designed by one Ajihis bin Haji Terawih. 

More informative and interesting stamps (and notes) can be found from our own Brunei’s Numismatist and Philatelist aka Brunei Daily Resources. Go check it out. Thanks for sharing Tuan Haji.

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