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Dark Age

September 29, 2009

I woke up this morning to hear people talking about the massive power outage which lasted for up to four hours last night. The papers said that 75% of Brunei area was without power supply last night. All three districts, except Temburong were badly affected and were left in total darkness. I slept soundly last night as the area where I live was not affected.

Gadong commercial area in the dark. Pic by The Brunei Times ~

Gadong commercial area in the dark. Pic by The Brunei Times ~

The Borneo Bulletin reported that quoting the Electrical Services Department, DES, saying that ‘the shutdown was due to what it termed as a “technical glitch” which caused the power cut that affected most of the capital and larger parts of the country, stretching to Lamunin and Penanjong and into the Belait District with disruptions reported in Lumut and Mumong.’

I could sense the irony when that the paper went on to say that: ‘Just hours after the nationwide prayers to mark the 16th Civil Service Day and amid growing calls for the public service to make good on their promises to provide the more efficient and effective services to the citizens and residents of Brunei Darussalam, the darkened canvas that blanketed the capital and most parts of the country stood as a shocking reminder.’

The Brunei Times quoting the DES said that the disruption was as a result of the main turbine at Gadong 2 going offline due to reasons which are still under investigation. Read more on the report here.

Graphic on where Ketsana has hit the Philippines. Image from Reuters.

Graphic on where Ketsana has hit the Philippines. Image from Reuters.

I am not complaining here, not just because my area was not affected but just look across the South China Sea and see what’s happening to our close neighbour, the Philippines. The country was affected by the Typhoon Ondoy as its known locally there, or Ketsana, internationally. According to reports, heavy rain which amounted to a month’s fall, fell in a few hours last Friday/ Saturday. The Philippines Government has appealed for international humanitarian help as the death toll rose to 240 and weary survivors sheltered in squalid conditions.  Almost half a million people are affected and water and electricity has been cut off in the worst part of Manila.

Whilst the Philippines is no stranger to extreme weather, Typhoon Ondoy has been reported to be the worst for the country for over 40 years. Now does the number ring a bell to Brunei as Brunei was also affected with its worst flooding early this year for the last 40 years? It worries me to think how ready Brunei is to face such calamities. Nau’uzubillah…

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    Thanks, i totally agree with this…

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