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Is heaven on Earth?

September 1, 2009

Heaven is a place call Earth, as one karaoke song goes or is it that heaven is up there? From the holy Quran, heaven has been decribed as a place which could not be found anywhere on Earth. When I was small, my late grandma (peace and blessings for her soul) always told me stories how those who do good deeds, would end up in heaven. I would aksed her again and again on how heaven look like. From her answers, I always imagined that heaven is so very peaceful and calm; not too hot and not too cold, with the most beautiful creatures flying around and streams of honey, wine and milk flowing endlessly…ahh…childhood.

Now this news report from LiveScience says that a new discovery has found the coldest, driest and calmest place on Earth. Could it be the closest to heaven? Where?  Its an area known simply as Ridge A; 13,297 feet (or 4,053 meters) high up on the Antarctic Plateau on the continent at the bottom of the world. Located within the Australian Antarctic Territory, the site is 89 miles (144 km) from an international robotic observatory and the proposed new Chinese ‘Kunlun’ base at Dome A its called, a higher point on the Antarctic Plateau.

An iceberg in Gerlache Strait, Antarctica. Photographer: Rear Admiral Harley D. Nygren, NOAA Corps (ret.).

An iceberg in Gerlache Strait, Antarctica. Photographer: Rear Admiral Harley D. Nygren, NOAA Corps (ret.).

The study revealed that Ridge A has an average winter temperature of minus 70 degrees Celsius and an extremely low amount of water in the air. The site is also extremely calm, which means that there is very little of the atmospheric turbulence that elsewhere makes stars appear to twinkle. Oh, I would love this place. Actually this place is a perfect recipe for an astronimical observation’s point of view, so as to speak. Well, at least its the calmest place on Earth.

Okay so I am cancelling my journey to Siberia but heading to the Antartica now.


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