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Autumn in Brunei

August 27, 2009
Is it autumn in Brunei?
Is it autumn in Brunei?
 Some of the leaves along Tungku Link have turned brown.

Some of the leaves along Tungku Link have turned brown.

Nope, we dont have the four seasons in Brunei, only two – hot as in sunny and wet as in rain. These poor trees are actually a result of the recent forest fires which destroyed much of the vegetation and made the country hazy. A couple of pictures where the helis were called to help fight the fire can be found from ‘Who’s Talking?’ – Sopokondo blogspot dot com.

According to news report citing the Bomba or the Fire Services, more than 190 hectares of forest were consumed by fire within a two-week period in early June 2009. The Pollutant Standard Index or PSI which measures the quality of air were recorded slightly than normal at 30.  The worst hit area was Belait district where the PSI reading was over 100 which is unhealthy. Some of the fires were reported to originate from the act of open burning.

I sincerely hope that JASTRe’s effort in curbing open burning will be a success. It is a law already to ban open burning in Brunei. The question now is how is this law being implemented?

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  1. Eat_Me permalink
    August 29, 2009 4:03 am

    Really… I saw it too!!! after flyover to UBD just before the junction to SHHB highway… on your right, reminds me autumn in Sodegura, Japan… missed that, so the next will be snowing at pasir putih… 😉

  2. Eva Wanda permalink
    August 29, 2009 5:18 pm

    hehe Eat_Me ;), i miss autumn at d Lake District in UK…whoaah… day i will go there, insya Allah. Yes, for winter we will go to pasir putih. Dont forget ur winter clothing and we take pics ah….:p

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