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Go Green Brunei

August 20, 2009
2nd Annual National Environment Conference. Sustainability is the buzzword. Stuart Kemp, Executive Director of Asia INC Forum said: “Sustainability is the balance between economic, social and environmental segment.”
Djoko Prihanto, Senior Vice-President of Surbana International Consultants said: 
  • Brunei emits as much as 5.5 metric tonnes of carbon emissions per year;
  • Car ownership in Bandar Seri Begawan could be tripled by 2030; 
  • Public transportation in the capital was “still at the preliminary stage”;
  • Brunei’s population to double by 2030;
  • 60,000 new eco-friendly homes needed for the population by then;
  • 60,000 new jobs needed by the same year.

Suggested: Develop world-class public transport system, promote ‘Green’ transport and adopt Green car and building policies. 

YB Dato Idris – To ensure sustainable development, Brunei need a masterplan. The country’s masterplan is outdated. It was introduced 20 years ago and a new master planner would be appointed soon.

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