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Bandar under ‘attack’

August 19, 2009
1Bandar Seri Begawan – Bandar was under ‘attack’ this afternoon. Explosions were heard at around 2:30 in the afternoon which made the general public panic. They were caught off-guard as the security personnel complete with sirens, moved in to Bandar. Within minutes, the parameter around Jalan Pretty was sealed…except that it was just a live explosives exercise.
So how ready Brunei is when ‘it’ really happen? I am sure each country has its own emergency preparedness plan. Such exercise is good as a way to prepare for any event, involving as many security personnel as possible. This afternoon, there were the police, the Bomba and the paramedics that I saw. Even RTB crew was there too. They were quick at the scene, so watch RTB news tonight. I was once told that next time an accident happen, call RTB first then the paramedics. That was a joke. 

And the armed forces? The recently concluded and successful Bridex 2009 talked on how some of the armed forces around the world are now asked to do non-traditional military tasks such as helping in during natural disaster.

What concern me being a member of the general public is safety. If I am to walk around Bandar where there are like, scores of people  in the open and suddenly there’s a big explosion. The first reaction would of course be panic. People would try to take cover but where?  Where in Bandar or in Brunei can the public take cover? I dont think there’s a shelter area for the public.

By-standers with the Polis at the scene. How safe are we if it really happens?

By-standers with the Polis at the scene. How safe are we if it really happens?

Then came the police, Bomba, paramedics and other security personnel, maybe in plain clothes, though I would not be sure who will come first and in which order. Who should I listen to when all of these ‘authorities’ give command at the same time? And I imagine that its not just one person giving one command but different personnel with different commands, complete with military lingo and acronyms such as A-S-A-P (okay we all know this), KISS (keep it simple, s@$#*), ACM (Air Combat Manoevering) or words such as ‘negative’ and ‘civvies’ (civilian clothes).

My point is, the public should also be communicated like, now before anything happens so they know what to do and where to go in any emergency event and not just as by-standers.

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