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His Majesty asks why and how…

July 13, 2009

I have never heard His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei made such a touching and stern titah or speech. Everyone in Brunei is talking about His Majesty’s speech broadcast over the radio news today. I think I heard at some parts of his speech he sound like he was almost choking. I couldnt bear to hear it.

The radio news reported that His Majesty was delivering his call when he attended a meeting with the Brunei’s National Disaster Management Centre this morning.  The more I listen to his text the more I love His Majesty. He really cares but tired, shall I say, with whats going on. ‘Tunggu apa lagi?‘ (what else are we waiting for?)

Some of the text that I gathered were (not in order):

  • Why wait until His Majesty highlighted an issue such as the zakat or tithe and self-sufficiency in food and then only the relevant authority will act on his call on the issue?;
  • Why are low-ranking officials travelling alone to attend meetings while big groups accompany high-ranking officers when travel abroad?;
  • If these officers are alone, who would they turn to when they want to exchange ideas or look after them when they fell ill?
  • Why would staff of opposite sex be sent together abroad at the same time?
  • Why is the Islamic Religious Knowledge not a compulsory core subject in the SPN21 or the country’s education system?
  • Why should the heads of the natural disaster committee wait for reports when they should be forward-thinking in looking at events and not wait for things to happen?

On his birthday celebrations, he said that although all events (apart from the mass prayer) have been postponed, the spirit and mood of the 15th July (his birthdate) is still strong. He thanked those who have organised the various event sfor the celebration, however he was unhappy with a number of things: 

  • Why ask companies to sponsor or donate? Is this appropriate?
  • Is the allocated budget insufficient?
  • How grand do we want the birthday events to be?
  •  Why holds a celebration afterwards to celebrate these sponsors and donors? These celebrations would be widely covered by the media with a Minister or a senior official receiving the sponsorship.
  • Would those who sponsor or donate are sincere or do they have to do it?

Frankly, His Majesty said he do not like the celebration to be used as a tool to attract or accumulate donations.

On H1N1, His Majesty highlighted that what has been done by the authorities is to give out advices. The most important preventive measures is to temporarily prevent Bruneians from travelling to the affected areas. Only after the Prime Minister’s Office issued a circular, no one has thought or carried out the measure.

  • Heads of Department work like a robot with no discretion or common sense. They only wait for instructions although they have been given a mandate to make certain considerations and take logical steps;  
  • We have many religious officers but not a single officer organises or start a special programme to inform and lead the public on the importance of ‘doa’ or prayer and ‘zikir’ or praises to Allah in an effort to protect onself from such pandemic.
  • There is also no Tv guidance or onformation on ‘Doa wirid’ or ‘zikir’ which are good to be read. ‘Do you also have to wait for my order to do that?’;
  • As schools re-opened, there is no initiative to ask the students to recite the ‘doa’ before they start their classes to seek Allah’s blessings. Is it difficult to do? Children’s prayers are quickly answered as they are pure and free from sin. ‘Can’t you think about this this?’;

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2 Comments leave one →
  1. safiruz permalink
    July 13, 2009 10:54 pm

    Hi,I`m a Malaysian and I`ve just heard His Majesty`s speech over the internet radio.Yes it was superb.No other world leaders that speaks so truely and resonates with the rakyat.

    I pray for him.

  2. Eva Wanda permalink
    July 14, 2009 11:10 am

    Hi safiruz…thanks for your kind words. Thats why we love our Sultan.

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