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UN Climate Change Conference 2009 – Seal the deal!

July 1, 2009

STDCome 7 December 2009 and we will see world leaders gather in Copenhagen, Denmark to respond to one of the greatest challenges facing humanity – nope, not oil price but climate change and sustainable economic growth. The UN Climate Change Conference is hope to protect our planet and create a green economy that will lead to a long-term prosperity.  

 Now, the United Nations think that not only governments will be depended for that hope but also public pressure is needed from across the globe. Here’s your chance to show that you really care for our only Earth by signing the “Seal The Deal” that encourages passionate green lovers to sign a petition online. The petition will then be submitted to the world leaders in Copenhagen.

I have done it! I was scanning through the list of petitioners and could not find anyone from Brunei as yet. Bruneians, here’s your call and seal the deal! When I refreshed the page at 08:16 hrs Brunei time (12:16 GMT) , the petitions have been signed by 4,092 names.

 Campaign activities include:

  • ·      A global tree-planting drive for World Environment Day on 5 June 2009.  – Done!
  • A call to all organizations to join Seal the Deal! – In progress.
  • Seal the Deal! rallies around the world where supporters can dip the “People’s Seal” in paint and add their stamp to a global petition.
  • Seal the Deal! Climate Week – 20-26 September 2009 – targeting 100 cities around the world.

Don’t say that Brunei is or will never be affected by climate change, it has! The January/ February flashfloods and landslides are the signs. The effect of these were seen right after the unexpected events where crops especially paddy were damaged which led to loss of income for the farmers. Further effect would be health such as air-borne diseases and social unrest. So its time to act now, before its too late.

Read more on the Seal the Deal 2009.


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