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The world’s best Nasi Lemak

June 21, 2009

Nasi Lemak is a Malay cuisine. The main ingredient is of course the coconut milk which replaces water when cooking the rice. The concentrated the milk, the better it will taste. Accompanying the rice are usually fried chicken, sliced cucumber, peanuts and sambal belacan or shrimp paste. 

Nasi Lemak in Brunei are being sold from the road-side stalls (usually costing as little as one Brunei dollar) to restaurants, even fine ones. The best one that still hit my taste bud until now is the small and cosy cafe at Jubilee Hotel in Bandar. The nasi lemak there cost Br$5 per dish and you either have a choice of fried chicken or beef rendang.  When I worked at a bank in the capital and where lunch hour can be flexible, I would either go there with my best friend very early at 11am or bit late at 1pm. After that time, it will be a sold out. Sadly, the cafe with so many memories for me has closed down due to the bad business climate.    

Anyway, I don’t want to start the debate on which country from the Malay archipelago Nasi Lemak originated from as each country would claim theirs. Now, the Hang Tuah Nasi Lemak is claiming to be the world’s best in its category. They are now at 3rd Floor, The Mall and will be in Brunei until 19 July 2009. Must try this and lets see the verdict.

Hang Tuah by the way is the Malay’s greatest hero and was said to possess special magical power. Nope, no hanky panky according to legends. He lived during the golden days of the Malaccan Empire and has many interesting stories which include the mystical tale of a very beautiful princess who lived at Gunung Ledang.

The Malaccan king at that time was so obssesed with the princess that he wanted to marry her. The princess agreed but set certain impossible conditions as the dowry such as seven mosquito hearts, tears from seven virgin girls and other requests which involve seven. I guess the Malays are obsess with the number seven.

So, Hang Tuah was tasked to lead this mission by the King and he did it (as he has magic powers) except one last request, the blood from the King’s own prince, meaning that the prince must die. Now go and google the result if the King did really have the heart to kill his own prince in return for a beautiful, new bride. And Hang Tuah? Some say he just disspeared into thin air and actually still lives until now. As I mentioned, tales have it that he has supernatural power. You be the judge.

Check out the Hang Tuah Nasi Lemak at 3rd Floor, The Mall….

Nasi  Lemak Hang Tuah 

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    March 9, 2013 12:47 pm

    Have you try nasi lemak nikman of lumut in brunei

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