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June 20, 2009

After a chocolate soak therapy and meditating, I felt just like a new-born..okay thats an exaggeration. Actually, I am still feeling all charged up as I type and energised (my energy batteries did the trick). I now look forward to a new chapter in my life as the first half of this year almost come to an end.

Not wanting to be 2000 late, I have already joined Twitter a few months ago and watch in amazement as Twitter take the world by storm. From the man in the street to the CEOs and even world’s royalty, twits have been exchanged every seconds apart. Are you in Twitter?  I say, now that people are in front of their screen all the time or can access the net right from their handphones, Twitter will soon replace text messaging or the SMS.

Many may have realised that with the advancement of the ICT, the world has gone smaller. I think the days are getting shorter too, not just because its summer now in the northern hemisphere. Sometimes I just feel that there’s so much going due to this explosion that I grow anxious and yes, its unhealthy. Maybe I have too much caffeine too, caffeine over-dose? 

Find a secluded and the quietest spot (and use the same spot all the time) to meditate.

Find a secluded and the quietest spot (and use the same spot all the time) to meditate.

The only way to relax is to exercise and meditate. There is no need to explain on how beneficial meditation is especially to Muslims who has find solace through praying. Now I stumbled upon a good site on four easy ways to meditate. I think this would help especially to those who have problems sleeping or feeling anxious or just want to learn how to relax the mind.

The site said that  the first thing to do when you have decided that you want to make meditation as part of your daily routine is to change your habit. Now, as with other things when you are doing them for the first time, it would usually be difficult for a change (old habit dies hard?) So you must set your mind everyday that you want to meditate.
  1. Find a secluded and the quietest spot in your house or office where you can have privacy for ten to 15 minutes and you would not be disturbed. Privacy helps concentration especially in the beginning. Meditate on the same spot all the time. 
  2. Learn the proper breathing techniques by focussing and controlling your breathing rhythm especially from the start.
  3. As soon as you are comfortable with your breathing rhythm,  next is to learn to relax your entire body by forgeting the past or worrying about the future. Focus on the ‘here and now’ and make yourself aware on this particular moment. Let go of the tension of your body starting from your toes and going upwards and relax each one after another sequentially.
  4. If you want to meditate at home after work, its best to unwind first. Also, dont meditate right after taking a meal as you want to be comfortable in a sitting position when you meditate.

Easy? Try doing the steps and give your mind and body to relax in just below 15 minutes every day. Be healthier, sleep better and happier too!

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