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2009 Trafficking in persons report

June 18, 2009

securedownloadThe US Embassy in Brunei has issued a 2009-report on the trafficking in persons. The report, the most comprehensive of its kind, this year assesses 175 countries. Countries are assigned ranks, based on standards set by the United States’ Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 (TVPA).

Brunei has been categorised in the report as Tier 2 meaning that the Government is making significant efforts to meet the minimum standards.

Extract on Brunei report:

  • Mainly a destination country for men and women recruited from Indonesia,Malaysia, the Philippines, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh,the People’s Republic of China (PRC), and Thailand for domestic or low-skilled labor.
  • A limited number of the 88,000 foreign workers in Brunei face poor labor conditions that amount to involuntary servitude.
  • There were credible reports of a limited number of nationals from Asian countries working for little or no pay for up to two years to pay back foreign recruitment agents.
  • Many of the 25,000 female domestic workers in Brunei were required to work exceptionally long hours without being granted a day for rest, creating an environment highly conducive to involuntary servitude.
  • There were isolated instances of women forced into prostitution, and there were also isolated reports that women arrested for prostitution attested to having been victims of trafficking.
  • The Government of Brunei has laws to prosecute trafficking.

Read more on the report’s introduction and a section of countries narrative which include Brunei. I read the victims’ stories with much awe; yes, human trafficking do happen around the world. Please help stop this immoral activity from going on. We are all humans.

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