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Plant a tree – reduce CO2 emission

June 1, 2009

Senor Pablo has done it again. After the success of the ‘My Favourite Recipe Book,’ he is now inviting bloggers to plant a tree. What’s with this project?

The British High Commission in Brunei plans to plant 1,200 trees in the Badas Forest Reserve area in Belait. The area is still suspectible to fire even now. A news report recently said that it took a week for firemen to douse out the fire in nearby Anduki area.  

Why Badas area? In my post on the peatswamps in Brunei, I have mentioned that the area was badly affected by forest fires in previous years. Badas is a peatswamp forest and it is very important in mitigating climate change because of its sponge-like nature in absorbing water. 

The Badas Peat dome. The canopy is made up entirely of the red meranti. Pic by Dr Davies.
The Badas peat dome.

Jonathon Davies, an expert on peatswamps said that the peatswamp forests of Brunei have a very high biodiversity values; most peatlands have a doomed structure, upon which are found unique vegetation communities. Brunei is the last stronghold for some of these communities.

 Having been to Kuala Balai, next to Badas recently; I mentioned on my first-hand experience on understanding more about peatswamp forests. The Badas Reserve Area is part of the Heart of Borneo which aims to preserve 220,000 square kilometers of rainforest.  

The area where the tree-planting activity is going to be held is also the very area where Their Royal Highnesses the Prince of Wales and Prince Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah, the Crown Prince planted a tree each last year. Last year, Prince Charles has coined the term climate crunch where he warned the dire need for the world to note the climate change during the time when the world was facing the credit crunch.

So now, for those who really care in saving the Earth, come and join hands in planting even just one tree in Badas. Would it feel good to drive past by Badas and know that you have a tree planted by your own hand there?

The date is Wednesday, 17 June starting at 9am. Those who would like to join in, please email the high commission at by 4th June 2009. 

They are also in Facebook so you can register there too to find out more.

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