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Askar Day

May 31, 2009

hutabdb48The Royal Brunei Armed Forces is 48 years old today. From RBAF’s website:

The Royal Brunei Armed Forces was formed on the 31st May 1961. Known as ‘ASKAR MELAYU BRUNEI’, (‘BRUNEI MALAY REGIMENT’) it was honoured with the royal title on the 31st May 1965 when the word ‘DIRAJA’ was added to the title. It was then known as ‘ASKAR MELAYU DIRAJA BRUNEI’, (‘ROYAL BRUNEI MALAY REGIMENT’). Since Independence Day on 1st January 1984, the Royal Brunei Malay Regiment is renamed as Angkatan Bersenjata Diraja Brunei (‘ROYAL BRUNEI ARMED FORCES’).

Happy to note the progress made by our armed forces. Entry requirement to enter the forces is now those with ‘O’-levels; previously those who completed their lower secondary schools were able to join in. School cadets are now being re-activated shall I say, thanks to the interest and enthusiasm led by HRH Princess Sarah, the Crown Princess. There are also scholarships being offered to those who are interested to become army doctors and such. And in less than two months’ time, BRIDEX 2009 will be on.

The following are pictures taken by my brother who was at the ‘Askar Day’ this morning. Thank you bro.

Image190Image196Image214In hangar A - PTUDBHangar AFlying past


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