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The Golden Warisan Brunei Darussalam

May 27, 2009

I am a great fan of Tuan Haji Daily Brunei Resources, simply because I love his informative and entertaining posts. I am now a happy bunny to have the pleasure of a copy of his first published work with the title – The Golden Warisan Brunei Darussalam Volume 1 – a compilation of some of his posts which he put up in his blog or those which have appeared in The Brunei Times.

I am a happy bunny if I have a book in my hand. The Golden Warisan signed personally by the author.

I am a happy bunny if I have a book in my hand. The Golden Warisan signed personally by the author.

I have the copy, signed personally by the author and it cost Br$12 each. The books are available from Bismi or the Best Eastern bookstores. As the title says that its Volume 1, so you can expect more from the very author of Daily Brunei Resources in the future. Volume II is in the making now according to his post on the book. Looking forward already. 

I am also an avid reader of his weekly Golden Legacy articles that come out every Sundays in The Brunei Times. The last one was about Ambuyat, Brunei’s own national dish. I noted that there were two similar paragraphs from my earlier post of the same subject in his article. I feel honoured.

Reading through the book, one can find interesting history of Brunei such as the grand Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque, the story of padian or woman-vendors in boats who used to roam Brunei River for centuries, only to be wiped-out completely by modernization as well as the story of pengalu, the male version of padian. Also on canons and old coins and currencies found in Brunei.

Then there was a story about circumcision. In that post, Tuan Haji wrote that young boys who have been circumcised have many things to observe such as not to step-over a stone pestle or else their organ would grow to the same size as the pestle. I laughed at this and asked mom if thats true. She also laughed it off and asked to ask my brothers. Nevermind. I don’t want to know :p Girls and young ladies should not walk infront of these boys (who will soon turn to an adult man). Tuan Haji said, at the age of 15, stimulation is the last thing these boys need after being circumcised.

I dont want to spell out each and every post. Please go and buy the book and support our local authors. Its difficult to find published work by Bruneians in English. Not that many, maybe a handful. I have raised this issue many years back in a forum. There, I said that Brunei have many Malay writers but those who write in English?

I hope that more Bruneains will come forward with their works, both in English and Malay but English has more reach yes? Lets see if there will be a Bruneian who can win a Nobel Prize in literature.


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