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Picking up your brain at 3am

May 25, 2009

Waking up at 2ish in the morning…drank warm water and saw my Weetameal biscuits. Munching the biscuits, I thought of doing some work but instead opened up my emails. Read one of those ‘Pick your brain’ tests from one of the emails and said to myself, ‘At two in the morning? Why not.’ See if you know the answers.

There are four questions below and one  bonus question. You must answer the question as fast as you could. Lets see how fast you can answer:

1/ Q. You are in a race. You are over-taking the current second-place winner. In which position are you now?

A. Second as you are taking that place now.

Now, do not refer to the first question to answer the next one.

2/ Q. If you over-taking the last in the race; in which position are you now?

A. First. How could you be the last if you are over-taking the last one.

Okay forget about the race. Please use your brain only for the next question. Do not use pencil and paper or a calculator.

3/ Q. Take 1000 and add in 40. Add another 1000 more and plus 30. Add another 1000 then 20 then another 1000 and plus a ten. What is the total?

A.  Not 5000 but 4,100. (Check with a calculator if you don’t believe this)

4/ Q. Mary’s dad has five girls. First is called Nana, second one is Nene; third is Nini; fourth is Nono. What is the name of the last girl?

A. Mary. Read the first sentence.

Now for the bonus question.

Sam is mute and need to buy a toothbrush. When he arrives at the grocery shop, he gestured to the shop assistant by brushing his teeth. The assistant pass him a toothbrush.

Sally is blind and need a sun-glass. How does she explain to the assistant on what she need?

Just by saying that she need a sun-glass. I didn’t say she’s mute.

 Okay… back to work now.


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