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Off to Siberia

May 22, 2009

Oh what a day. I woke up before dawn realising what a real nightmare it was last night. Adam lost to Kris! That was the biggest upset for this year; well so far. For the whole day yesterday, I resisted to check from the Internet for the news on who is the American Idol 2009. The two hours show was too long to bear. Okay so there were top entertainers like Fergie and fellow Black Eyed Peas, Cindy Lauper and even the Queen. Both Adam and Kris sang ‘We are the Champion’ with the band, now I don’t know how to feel thinking of that part.

Reading the Brunei Times today add a bit of melancholy when I saw on the front page, a picture of Kris smiling, he must be in shock and he should be; and Adam? He must be shocked too, but he look cool.

A pic grab from the front page of The Brunei Times today. I am off to Siberia.
A pic grab from the front page of The Brunei Times today. I am off to Siberia.
Did you notice Simon’s face when the result was announced by Ryan? He looked shock too and so were both my partner and I and millions others who voted for Adam.

I quickly reached out for the other paper, the Borneo Bulletin and turned each page and what did I find in the foreign news headlines today?

– Crashed plane passed flight test: Indonesia
– US intruder said Suu Kyi ‘scared’
– Home turns into a slaughterhouse (this is a story of a robbery turned wrong in Ipoh, Malaysia. Al-Fatihah to the victims)
– Man strangles wife for waking his dog

Oh, that’s it. I have enough of bad news for today. I am not reading or watching any more news. I am packing up my things, close this blog, clear my debts, leave a will and on my way to Siberia.

Nah, just kidding. I am imagining these are the thoughts of those who voted fo Adam. Adam will bounce back and Adamia will be a big thing soon. He already is. As the Malays would say, ‘Ingati tampat ku duduk ani’ or rememer where I sit now (not sure why should I remember where the talker sits when in fact we should remember what was being spoken, right).

Have a lovely Friday.


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