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Who will be the next Americn Idol?

May 20, 2009


Can you feel the fever? Tonight will see who will be the next American Idol amidst the Influenze A H1N1 spreading world-wide now.  

For fans of the two finalists out there, here are some facts about Adam and Eve…Oppsie, Kris. (from the American Idol website):

I’m a red head. (You know what they say about red-heads? – Flame!)

I had a rib removed when I was 13. (Okay. I didnt notice that when I watched him on Tv)

I’m 6’1″. ((Thats like a statue compared to petite me)

I was hit in the head with a salsa jar while walking down the road, one time. (Okay)

I used to be fat (sort of, 240 lbs.) (Aww…and look at you now!)

I’ve been to 8 different countries. (So?)

I cut my head open twice and the scars form an “x” on my head like a treasure map. (Awww…poor boy. Does it still hurt?)

I grew up playing the viola. (Yeah? I plays the keyboard everyday – ie my computer)

I’m an Aquarius and share my birthday with Oprah. (Let me check if Aquarius and Libra equals to harmony…Oprah equals very big influence, I can see where you are heading to Adam)

I didn’t want to play music growing up. I always wanted to play baseball, but I turned out to not be that athletic. (okay)

Okay, so its obvious that I am voting for Adam. Hehe…My partner was right all along. He like Adam right from the start while I like Danny (missing him already). May the winner, err, wins and the other one? Well, there’s no loser here. Kris can be successful, look at David, the younger David, from last year’s season. I like his song ‘Crush’. Anyway, its difficult to predict if Adam wins as he was once at the bottom three. Geeze, who says life is simple?

By the way, did anyone watch Malaysia’ Akademi Fantasia? The final was last week?


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