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Cookie monster

May 19, 2009

Summer is upon us. Ahak!Nah. No summer in Brunei. We have the sun all year round. Bless us. I was browsing through the numerous health sites and happened to come across an article about dieting and summer, with a title ‘Lose a pound with one biscuit.’

Some may not be interested about dieting as (1) Some just don’t need one, and (2) Those who does need dieting , do not believe in it anymore. The latter may be due to frustrations and disappointment with previous experience on a failed diet.

Dieting has been a misunderstood word. When I say that I am on diet, the normal response would be, ‘Oh! Trying to slim down?’ or ‘Why?’ (with eyes scanning my whole figure, front and back too) and followed with ‘Ahhh…!’ (while locking the gaze at a particular spot).

Lets see. Dieting doesn’t mean that I am not taking any fatty, salty or sweet food at all. And, oh, I love food especially chocolate. Yes, I have been a wee bit over my ideal weight now. After delivering my baby almost three years ago, I was over-weight as my appetite was getting bigger and better. There was one point that I was so stressed out that I broke-down. I quickly recovered thinking that wetting my poor pillows wont help me slim down.

So I stop feeling sorry for myself and do what exactly I have to do. Exercising, especially yogalates and dieting. Alhamdullilah, I am on my way now to my ideal weight now, s-l-o-w-l-y. It was not very easy, it takes a lot of self-effort and will-power.

Diet cookies anyone? says Dr Siegel.

Diet cookies anyone? says Dr Siegel.

Now, the article I mentioned earlier talked about this cookie diet from Dr Siegal (who?) which has been tried and tasted. It claimed that half a million have taken the diet with millions losing weight through it. Surprise to read that they have been around since the mid-70’s. Oh, where have you been cookie monster?

Dr Siegal; a renowned physician, author and a weight-loss expert, came up with the cookies which have helped even Hollywood celeberities. Kim Kardishan (of the ‘Keeping up with the Kardishans’ at E! Channel) was said to take the cookies before her photo-shots. Yes, I know, this is a gimmick to sell but its worth trying, right?

Am checking the cookies ingredients first before ordering them….From its website:

Dr. Siegal’s COOKIE DIET® Hunger-Controlling Diet Cookies

Our famous cookies were created by Dr. Siegal in 1975 to control your hunger and help you stick to your diet. Each Weekly Box contains 7 Daily Bags of 6 cookies each and replaces 14 meals at a cost of about $4.20 per replaced meal when used as suggested. Includes a free one week sample of Dr. Siegal’s COOKIE DIET® brand Premium Multiple Vitamin & Minerals supplement. Flavors: Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate, Blueberry, Banana and Coconut.

Price: $59 per Weekly Box (about $4.20 per replaced meal)

CONTAINS: Milk, Eggs, Soy, Wheat and Non-Vegetable Protein

 Hmm…non-vegetable protein. Okay, pass me my reduced salt Weetameal biscuit please.


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