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Manchester United is England’s champion – for the third year running

May 16, 2009

Result: Manchester  United vs Arsenal 0-0

Happy 18th championship to all Man U supporters!

Happy 18th championship to all Man U supporters!

In front of 75,468 spectators at Old Trafford, Man U drew nil with Arsenal clinching its Premier League for the third year running. Man U only need one point from their remaining two matches to be the top of the league, with second placed Liverpool trailing by six points.

Minutes after the final whistle, a text sent to me said: “Alhamdulilah!! Glory, Glory Man Utd. Happy 18th Championship to all MUFC supporters!! The best is always the Best! The Gunner babies could not help the poor Liverpool. Try again next year and the next 100 years. MUFC will dominate the next 100 years. Bring on Barca now. Stand up for the champion of England, Europe and the world!!”

The text was sent to all of my other siblings from, who else, my Man U FANATIC brother. Three-quarter of my family are MU fans and a quarter – you guessed it, are Liverpool fans. There are always two sides of the room whenever we all gathered at mom’s place. Another text reads: ‘MU rules, Liverpool drools.’

I can tell that my MU FANATIC brothers are a very happy man, at least for now until the next league’s season. 

Read more on the nail-biting goalless draw match from MUFC’s official website.

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