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Twitt…twitt…what are you doing?

May 14, 2009

Call it a killer application or an addict and Twitter is here to stay – for a very long time I predict. Remember how the world of SMS has changed our lives? Couldn’t live without sending a text? For most, yes. Its just the fastest way to communicate, of course you can make a call but SMS has been the preffered way.

So whats this with Twitter? Another new media that has taken the world by storm (mambari watir bunyinya)  Its introduction on its homepage says its a service for family, friends and co-workers to communicate and stay connected hrough the exchange of quick, frequent answers to a simple question – what are you doing?

Sound like a busybody for the cynicals but hey, some want to know on what you are up to. Just grasp the idea and join in the band-wagon?  Senor Pablo has discussed this moons ago.

Now what make me post on Twitter today is a cartoon by Borneo Bull’s Eye in the Borneo Bulletin today. For those who could not receive the paper, I took the liberty to upload it below.  The moral is that even the senior citizens are using Twitter…spot on Bull’s Eye!

Borneo Bull's Eye in today's Borneo Bulletin.

Borneo Bull's Eye in today's Borneo Bulletin.

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