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Arab families and THAT recipe book

May 14, 2009

The successful bidder of the My favourite recipe limited edition signed by HRH Princess ‘Azemah Ni’matul Bolkiah is Sheikh Khalid of the Arab families. Sheikh Khalid placed the highest bid of $5,586 almost 40 minutes before the stroke of midnight last Saturday night, the deadline to bid, to get a copy of the edition.

In an interview over Kristal FM this afternoon, Ranoadidas who initiated the bidding process said that he sent a text to the other bidder saying he has a higher bidder but was unanswered. I can imagine the excitement of such bidding, well, any bidding actually.

An arab family in Brunei.

The famous Arab family in Brunei.

Yesterday, Pilihan FM, RTB’s radio channel interviewed Sheikh Khalid who at that time still wishing to remain anonymous. He didnt want to spill the bean on who he was as yet but the more the DJ asked, the more personal information he gave out. At one stage he said, all I can say is I am a businessman when asked why he wanted to bid. He then said he is into food business so buying the recipe book make sense, or something like that. Later he said, we are in a family-business, having been around for 35 years so we want to contribute back to the society. At the stage I could already imagine its him.

Anyway, it doesnt matter now as the mystery is over. Look out for the limited edition of the book with frame courtesy of AnakBrunei. Sheikh Khalid said the framed page where HRH put down her signature, will be displayed in their Serikandi restaurant in Kiulap. So go and take pictures of yourselves there and, mesti makan jua. Nda kan begambar saja ke sana, galak rasanya. 

What I can say about the whole project is that the book has managed to collect $10,586 with all of its 500 copies sold in two weeks time. Thats an amazing feat. Bravo! Bravo! bravo! and take a bow Pablo! Also Rano…oh they both end with an ‘o’. Whats next Senor? To Alin, the Kurapak man for designing the front cover (and joked about dancing before eating Maggi!). Thank you too to the Arab families for your kind gesture. May God repay you and family for your kindness. Amin.

I myself, look forward to contribute in the near future.


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