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The best job in the world – has been filled

May 6, 2009

I wonder how it feel like just soaking yourself under the sun, okay, under the shade and do nothing but blogging, snorkeling, eating, feeding fish or maybe clean a pool AND on top of that receive around USD110,000 after six months doing these things; well, basically nothing. blue.. blue..

 Ben Southall, aged 34, a charity fundraiser from Britain will be just doing those and getting that amount after being selected as the caretaker of Australia’s Hamilton Island. Yes, the best job in the world!

News from Reuters said that Ben was said on live television from Hamilton Island after being named the winner: “To go away now as the island caretaker for Tourism Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef is an extreme honor.

“I hope I can fill the boots as much as everybody is expecting, my swimming hopefully is up to standard and I look forward to all of the new roles and the responsibilities that the task involves,” he said, adding he would soon be joined by his Canadian girlfriend on the island.

The campaign, launched early this year, received an over-whelming global attention as news on the job which sound like a paid holiday spread across online social networks. I hope the Brunei Tourism can learn something from this campaign. Pulau Sibungur? Pulau Selirong? Pulau Cermin? Maybe the latter…  

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