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Promoting green innovation – World IP Day 2009

April 24, 2009
WIPO is focussing on promoting green innovation this year

WIPO is focussing on promoting green innovation this year

26 April 2009 has been declared as the World Intellectual Property (IP) Day carrying the theme ‘Green Innovation’. In conjunction with World IP Day, the U.S. Embassy in Brunei has planned on several awareness activity to shed light on this important topic, one of them being the screening of a National Geographic documentary on illicit trade. Below is a brief description of the documentary. 

ILLICIT: The Dark Trade travels the globe to expose the dire consequences of this dirty industry: money laundering, political corruption, and the subversion of entire governments. From knock-off handbags to bootlegged compact discs to fake pharmaceuticals, this hard-hitting special reveals how consumers’ insatiable demand for counterfeit merchandise has given birth to a vast criminal system. View the trailer from the National Geographic site.

Most people are aware of intellectual property (IP) – of copyright, patents, industrial designs and trademarks. But many still view these as business or legal concepts with little relevance to their own lives. To address this gap, WIPO’s Member States decided in 2000 to designate an annual World Intellectual Property Day. They chose April 26, the date on which the Convention establishing WIPO originally entered into force in 1970.

Each year, WIPO and its Member States celebrate World Intellectual Property Day with activities, events and campaigns. These seek to increase public understanding of what IP really means, and to demonstrate how the IP system fosters not only music, arts and entertainments, but also all the products and technological innovations that help to shape our world.

Find out more on the World IP Day.

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