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Moody Monday

April 13, 2009

Monday, Monday…. Its just another maniac Monday

I wish it was Sunday

Coz thats my fun day….

Hmm….even though its an office holiday today, I am in no good mood. Maybe I spent too much time lazing around over the long weekend or maybe its that time of the month again. I had a terribel teribel terribel terrible headache yesterday. Mood swings every five minutes. My partner is miles apart now, sensing my mood swings; maybe running for his life. He’ll be back, no worry.  

Checking my emails, I noticed one from my brother which he sent moons ago. Sorry, its just that sort of email which you will open when you have the time in the world, like today. Boy, he’s email just hit me right. Now I feel good, my day’s not bad at all. Maybe moody moms, ladies or girls out there would feel good too after looking at the pics below. Just remember when you have bad days, there are people out there who may have worse days than yours. Right?



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