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Three is the word for TelBru

April 6, 2009


A whole year of free e-speed! Hmm….Thinking hard here…Three is the word and ‘T’ is THE letter  for TelBru’s third year anniversary with the free e-speed up for grabs (and many more). Themed ‘TelBru Trilogy: The story of treats, thrills and tributes’, the promotion is for TelBru’s customers and non-customers alike. I made a typo-error for ‘treats’ up there earlier where I noticed I typed ‘threats’!  Hope there ain’t any.

TelBru was once known as Jabatan Telekom Brunei and it was corpratized as TelBru in April 2006.  Telekom’s BruNet is Brunei’s first service provider, launched in 1995 and have, over the years produced a number of products – dial-up, broadband and others. Complaints were there right from the start. I can imagine its really difficult to meet the high expectations of today’s highly-learned and sophisticated customers especially when it comes to technology. It beat me myself.

If anyone notice, TelBru did receive a number of complaints in the Borneo Bulletin Opinion Page for its e-speed service eversince it was launched. I don’t have the stats but I should say that the complaints were many. Week in and week out, there were complaints and, I must say this, TelBru replied to explain their short-comings. Hats off to you guys!

On its current promo, TelBru said: “Throughout the TelBru Trilogy month in April, the public is in for a treat as the TelBru ‘eSpeedster’ Van will travel across the four districts to hand out many goodies and prizes. To know the destinations of ‘eSpeedster’ Van, public must listen to Pelangi and Pilihan FM, official TelBru anniversary networks, as it will only announce 30 minutes before arriving at each destination. Loads of goodies stand to be won on-the-spot and at each destination lucky winners will also be chosen to be in the running to win the 1 year free eSpeed.

Besides ‘eSpeedster’ Van, public may also win the free 1 year eSpeed through contests such as ‘Photo Hunt’ and ‘Blog and Win’ that will definitely thrill photographer and bloggers enthusiasts alike.

 TelBru promises the trilogy of treats, thrills and tributes will bring much fun to the public throughout its anniversary month of April. For more information of all the events, public is welcomed to surf TelBru’s website; visit any TelBru branches or call 121. Also, read Anak Brunei’s recent post on the promotion.

P/S – Anak Brunei has only recently, joined the firm, he said in his post.

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