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School holiday

March 19, 2009

Today is the last day of school. I just feel so free and very, very happy. I am tired of driving around and the traffic jam during school days is not my bread and butter, not even my cup of tea. So yes, empty road ahead.

Schools start their holidays for the first term as from tomorrow and will resume on Monday, 30 March 2009. Now why do schools have to start on a Monday? I mean work also start on a Monday. Maybe we should start the week on a Wednesday or even Thursday. Friday? I wonder how it feel?

My girl didn’t go to her ugama or religious school since the last few days because, this is according to her, her teacher asked them not to. I think the teacher was discouraging them to go to school so they can mark the term’s papers in peace. Peace and quite. Ahh….

I was passed a memo for all parents and guardians from my girl’s school. The memo was signed by the school’s principal, attaching a copy of a letter from the police’s traffic control division. That really opened up my sleepy eyes this morning.

It said that students should use the pedestrian’s overhead bridge which was purposely built by the police for the school to ensure the students’ own safety and to avoid traffic jam. The police, said the letter, are constantly monitoring the use of the said bridge AND will take action under the Section 39 (1) (a) RTA CAP 68 to all drivers and, under Section 39 (1) (b) RTA CAP  68 to students who ignore police instruction and may be imprisoned up to a year. Gulp!

The final sentence from the letter said that under the amendment of the pedestrian rules 202 Section 13 (b), action will be taken which may lead to a fine of up to $500. I didn’t even know we have a pedestrian rules but ignorant is no excuse.

Anyway, I am not among those parents who let their kids cross the road recklessly as I send mine right inside the school area. Pity today was the last day of school so there were not that may cars around the school area. I saw a couple of police personnel monitoring vehicles and students. I guess all parents must have read the letter.

I don’t have statistics on how many students have been hit or were involve in such accident but I am sure there must have been such cases before. Just imagine when you see in front of your very eyes that your kid got hit by an incoming vehicle to get to the other side. Who should be blamed?

Remember one tragic story a couple of years ago when a driver who was said to be busy sending text while driving, hit a school boy who was crossing the road to go to his school. The boy’s home was just across his school and it was said that his own mother saw the accident. If I am the mother, or even the driver, I would have trauma for the rest of my life I think.

I agree with the police’s letter. I hope parents would heed such warnings to avoid regrets. To the students – enjoy and make full use of your holidays.

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