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Desperately seeking mother

March 18, 2009

I was reading from the Borneo Bulletin’s Opinion page today about the callous mother of two who sent out her two under-aged girls to satisfy men’s lust in return for money. The heading was ‘Moral outrage at heartless mother’ by one ‘Hayy bin Yaqzan’. Read on the news story here. When I read the news that day, it really got into my nerves. Yes, kami ini marah!

I agree whole-heartedly to the comment, NOT to the mother’s cruel act. How can a mother have the heart to do such a hideous act? Yes I am condemning her, pardon my word. At 15 and even 12 and her own flesh and blood; how could she?

I cant understand what got into the mother’s head when she came to a conclusion that the only way out of her dilemma was to ‘hire out her own girls’. The report said that she was so desperate for money. Grrrr!!!!!  ‘}

My friend who was also angry with the act said why didn’t the mother just sell her own body. Whoah! Not that way hun. I said, she can do other better things, like selling Nasi Katok. The late P.Ramlee said in his ‘Nujum Pak Belalang’ movie said even the worms living in a stone would know how to survive or find food, let alone humans who have been given brains. Hi five for this wise thoughts from the late actor.  

Going back to the news, I really feel sorry for the girls. At those ages, they should be looking forward to a very bright future. Think about the physiological effect of their experiences. Thanks to their mother!

Puberty can stink, so I thought when I was at those ages but this is worse. I pray for the girls well-being and to the mother, if she is fit to be called a mother, let just God punish her.

‘Ya Allah jauhkanlah kami dari sifat-sifat buruk dan yang Engkau murkai, amin’.

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