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March 13, 2009

Many stories have been told about Prophet Muhammad’s personal life (peace and blessings be upon him) especially on his many wives. The West may have been painting bad pictures about this either by saying that he was unfair, mis-treating women, denying women’s rights, etc as he practised polygamy.

I have always been fascinated with stories by how our prophet treated his wives but this particular story (yet to validated) on how romantic our prophet was, really touch me every time I remember the story.

Prophet Muhammad saw is the best example of a husband who practised polygamy. He was said to be fair and romantic to all his wives. It was said that one day all his wives gathered in front of him and he was asked which one among them was the one that he loved most.

Our prophet just smiled and said, “I will tell you all later.”

After the gathering, the prophet gave a ring to each wife with a note asking not to tell the others about the gift.

After the first gathering, the wives gathered again and asked the same question.

Prophet Muhammad replied that the one he loved most was the one he gave a ring to.

All his wives smiled to the answer as each thought that its only her that was loved most by the prophet and felt that she was not alienated.

Holding hands by Illuminations on Flickr

Holding hands by Illuminations on Flickr

It was also said that there are a number of ways to create a romantic air between a husband and wife as practised by the prophet. One hadiths said that when a couple hold hands, sins of the both would come out from among their fingers.

Prophet Muhammad always held hands with Aisyah when he was home. He would trimmed the nails of his wives, showered together and would asked each wife to take turn to travel with him to strengthen the bond among them.

I hope by sharing these stories would help to deepen our love to our prophet and helps to make a relationship work. So grab and hold your spouse’s hands even when he or she is busy with house chores or do not wish to be disturbed. I am still learning…

“Ya Allah cantikkanlah akhlak ku seperti mana cantiknya akhlak Rasulullah SAW, tenangkanlah hati ku bagai tenangnya air di tasik, dan serikanlah wajahku bagai bercahayanya bulan purnama di hari berserinya wajah orang-orang beriman…” Amin Ya Rabbal ‘Alamin

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  1. Nordin permalink
    July 9, 2011 10:04 pm

    Assalam alaykom Eva,

    I like this story about the rings verry much.
    Could you please tell me were you read this story?



    • Eva Wanda permalink
      July 18, 2011 2:20 am

      Waalaikumsalam Nordin
      Honestly I cant remember now but am sure its one of those Islamic websites I browse through. Sorry I couldnt help.

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