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LegCo fifth session

March 12, 2009

33d6393f4cf81d7eToday saw the opening of the fifth session for Brunei’s Legislative Council. I was tuning to the one o’clock radio news this afternoon to hear what’s new but as usual, disappointing news report. I wish to hear issues but none; guess I just have to wait for tonight’s Tv news or till tomorrow from the papers. A quick check on the LegCo’s website reveal the same disappointment. Its last news was 11 March 2008, a year ago.

Anyway, the Brunei Times highlighted on its front page today that security, agriculture and education likely to tops this year’s agenda, apart from the budget allocation. Interesting.

A year on since my last post on the meeting, there have been physical changes in terms of infra-structure around the country. Education too has seen changes especially with the introduction on the country’s new education system, the SPN 21 which I am confident will bring about changes in producing multi-talented students in the near future. Lets wait for five to six years from now on before we can judge if its successful or not. The education system will be fully implemented as from next year starting with Year One or Primary One.

Agriculture – the country’s aiming to triple its local production by next year so hopefully this will be achieved – weather permits. Isnit it? With the current weather condition, I pray for continuos blessings from above. I also wanted to know if the proposed high-tech Agro Technology Park in Rimba will be materialised this year. In my previous post exactly a year ago (what is this, a flashback?), I have written that the park will have its own Halal Science Centre, SME’s offices and complete with high quality landscape environment.

Security – always high on any country’s agenda. This is not just the askar (army) or police protecting the country but others such as the Narcotics Control Bureau. Yes, there are Bruneians involve in the international drug syndicate now. Shocking news to the peaceful Brunei it is.

More news reports on such arrests of drug-related activities reported the police just yesterday. The bureau also made fresh warning to the public that there might be a fox in sheep’s skin I may call, among us. Reports said that the international syndicate has asked locals to recruit friends and family members with promises of very handsome pay, luxuries and such. I don’t know how gullible people can be – falling for such things as promises and wealth.

Okay, with that sad note, I wish the LegCo members an interesting and maybe a ‘heated’ debate.

 For background info on LegCo, read from Mr Daily Brunei Resources here. I also eagerly await his spot-on coverage of the session. Please ah Tuan Haji Rozan. Thanks.

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