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Who is your role model?

February 20, 2009

Have you received one of those emails which asked you to add, multiply, divide or subtract numbers and the result will tell about who you are, your personality, preference, etc? Now try this one below sent by my brother. Its really interesting. Please be honest.

Try doing the maths below without looking at the answers. Please don’t look down until you do it, you’ll love it! I promise (says the sender, not me)


  1. Pick your favourite number between 1-9.
  2. Multiply that number by 3, 
  3. Add 3 to your answer,
  4. Then Multiply again by 3,
  5. You’ll get a-2 digit number..
  6. Add the digits together and that’s your final answer.

 With that final answer, see who your ROLE  MODEL is from the list below:


1. Einstein 

2. Nelson  Mandela
3. Abraham Lincoln
4. Helen Keller
5.  Bill Gates
6. Mahatma Gandhi
7. George Clooney
8.  Thomas Edison
9.  Me, myself & I.

I know. I just have that effect on  people. One day you too can be great like me… Believe it!

 P.S.: I am your idol,  just deal with it!!!!  TERIMA HAKIKAT SAJA :))))

  Hehe…perasaan. My brother got me too! He put his name on the 9th place and I changed it to ‘me, myself & I’. Kurang asam my brother atu. Try choosing all numbers between 1 to 9 and actually all will give ‘9’ as the final answer.

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