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National Day and satay talk

February 20, 2009

What a way to celebrate your National Day but an attempt to set world records. Come Monday 23rd February 2009, Brunei will try to set the longest grilled satay that day.  

The Brunei Times reported in its front page today that the feat will attempt to break the previous holder, the Kopitiam Group of Companies who set the current world record of 140 meter of satay line during the Singapore Food Festival in 2007.

Another history in the making for Brunei to place the country in the world map, don’t forget to come and support the accomplishment by coming (and eat-out) at the Tarindak Restaurant at the Royal Brunei Polo and Riding Club in Jerudong at 1.30pm.  

Satay by Hendrian on Flickr

Satay by Hendrian on Flickr

And why satay? Why not. Satay, as previously posted here in my blog, is one of Brunei’s, if not the region’s, cuisines. Its world-wide fame to tourists has been known for a number of years. How come you never heard of it?

 I wonder how long it will take to grill more than 140-meter of satay as a half-a-meter satay will usuall take about half-an hour to grill. Maybe the chefs at the restaurant will start like, on the stroke of 12 midnight on that day. So maybe another feat to include is the shortest time to grill the longest satay in the world, yes?

 Other events apart from watching the mouth-watering satay being grilled, according to the organiser, are the distribution of the free satay to orphans, the poor, ‘selected people’ and the restaurant’s customers; certificates presentation to selected golden citizens to repay their one-year mortgage loans and Beach Carnival. Thanks also to the number of sponsors for the event.

 Come bring your family, money and sun-block along!

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