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Nasi Katok Corner

February 15, 2009

Have you ever feel hungry in the middle of the night and not in the mood to cook? Join the club. Hubby and I were wide awake till late last night only to hear our stomach grumble.

Left-overs in the fridge? Nah. Instant noodle? Nah. An omelete? Nah – just ate scrambled eggs yesterday.  Hubby suggested to check if there’s any eating outlet that open that late. It was already past one.

Driving along Jalan Tutong along the direction to Bandar, we noted one with people still hanging around its outer part. The place is called Nasi Katok Corner and its just across the Kilanas Primary School.

I remember that place moons ago and agreed that we should try it again. As expected they have ‘Nasi Katok’ which is not-surpsingly a popular order. As we got in, the place was filled with mostly young people with their flashy laptops. The place offer free wireless Internet access.

Is this in Brunei? Yes it is.

Is this in Brunei? Yes it is.

What surprised me was the interior design. I felt like I was not in Brunei but somewhere else. Just look at the picture. Look like a trendy cafe to me. Neon lights and bar stools, just so cool. I dont really expect to see a ‘Nasi Katok’ outlet like this.

And the food, I didn’t actually order Nasi Katok as I saw that they have ‘Soto’ so I ordered one. Just our luck, there was a nice cosy corner for two so we quickly took the seat.

Soto anyone? Fish and chips, Mee mamak and steaming hot fritters are also in demand.

Soto anyone? Fish and chips, Mee mamak and steaming hot fritters are also in demand.

Hubby said the Nasi Katok was not bad, well it cost only one Brunei dollars so nothing to complaint there. What made me put up the post here was the Soto. Unless the cashier made a mistake, hubby said he only paid less than five bucks for our meal which included drinks. He did make sure that was correct and the cashier saidyes, thats correct. Cheap ah.

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  1. joelita da silva stodgell permalink
    May 2, 2009 11:23 pm

    the food looks delicious,and the people frendely

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