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A Bruneian in the news – bad

February 13, 2009

I was shock to read The Brunei Times  this morning to learn that a second Bruneian, this time a female, was apprehended abroad for drug trafficking. The 26-year-old was caught in Shanghai, China in January 11 this year for possessing an undisclosed amount of heroin in her suitcase says the paper.

The paper published the story on its front page and says that the woman admitted that she was tricked by a male of African nationality, whom she had met on the Internet a month ago. 

The first Bruneian was a male, also aged 26 when he was caught, apprehended almost a year ago (27 February 2008 ) in Santiago, Chile for attempting to smuggle 5.73kg of cocaine in his suitcase. Read his news here, which was only reported in September 2008. Brunei Times say that both cases are still in waiting, as the respective Brunei embassies have not yet relayed new information back to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Now how come people can be so blind? Promises that are too good to be true ain’t no good baby. Would you believe that say, you only have secondary education background but you can earn a six-digit income within a month? I am not downgrading those with such educational level couldn’t earn that much but if the work doesn’t make sense would you take it?

Drug-trafficking main route. Now how did a Bruneian end up in one of the routes?

Drug-trafficking main route. Now how did a Bruneian end up in one of the routes?

I assume that these traffickers lure the victims with very good prospect of good money and in cash. In many cases, the victims’ journey and expenses are all paid for and all they have to do is just carry the ‘item’ from one location to another. Sound simple but very risky and not a very good investment at that. You are risking your life just for the short pleasures.

I imagine that these reckless couriers would only think of the money they will be getting but never thought of the consequences. Imagine being in a position with heaps of cash in your hand and you don’t really have to work very hard, just carry the ‘item’.

Imagine that person being caught, what would be the first thing that comes to their minds? Their parents? Their families? Their own life – spending behind bars in a foreign land with unfamiliar faces and cultures? Brunei? A place that they call home?  

And what about their family back home? Have they thought of their parents and relatives? Have they really thought of the disharmony among the family as a result of this stupid act? Have they really thought of all these before they embark on their journey just to carry the ‘item’?

If you are in their shoes, what would you think? Or do you think you have time to think now that its too late?

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