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The clueless inspector

February 8, 2009
Syhhh....The clueless inspector is up and about. Now showing at cinemas and sold at pirated DVD shops near you

Syhhh! The clueless inspector is up and about. Now showing at cinemas and soon to-be-sold at pirated DVD shops near you.

The Pink Panther 2 stars Steve Martin as the ever clueless inspector in this 2006 sequel of the same name. In the first movie, France’s beloved diamond, the Pink Panther was stolen and Inspector Closeau was assigned to solve the mystery and the death of its owner, French national football coach, Ives Gluant.

This second movie also involve Closeau but working with the ‘Dream Team’ of international investigators on the disappearance of several priceless items from several countries. The team has to find out who ‘Tornado’ is who left behind his or her card behind after the theft.

The Pink Panther is a family movie. We have the original DVD and have watched it for the umpth times that we can memorize each and every script. Its so funny and watching the second movie last night also brought tears to our eyes.

One has to see the first movie to relate it to this second one. For example, in the second movie, Closeau wore his Medal of Honour (even while on duty). In the first one, he was awarded the France’s highest medal for solving the Pink Panther diamond case.

One of the funny scenes was when Closeau was out having dinner with Nicole, his assistant in a restaurant in Rome. He asked the waiter to remember his face after giving tip so he can pick his own drink.

The bottles fall down one by one and he caught them and just threw them behind. Bottles were flying around. At the end of the scene, he hit a passing waiter who was carrying a flaming dish that he sat the restaurant on fire.

Go and watch it. There are so many funny scenes that I just have to stop typing as I laugh everytime I remember the movie. Guess I will be back to watch it again. I hope the cinema guys wont remember my face.

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