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Of results and education talk

January 29, 2009

I get nervous myself with public examinations results even if I am not taking any. I don’t know, maybe its déjà vu – had nightmares when ever I waited for any type of results, be it academic, previous job interviews and even health-checks.

Rumors that the O and A levels results are out, have been spinning around these past few days. Usually it’s the end of January (which is like, tomorrow) or early February (next week!).

I suspect that the results will be out this Saturday afternoon. Just like PSR, the Year Six public exam. Can’t recall for PMB, was it on a Saturday too guys? To those who took the exams, have you registered to receive your results via sms?

Ranoadidias concluded that he would not be ‘Robin Hood’ this time to upload exam results in his site as he said its unfair. I think he could meant that its unfair to this ‘SMS’ business or unfair to other candidates or parents whose children took the public exams. The result cost Br$3 per sms.

Your future? Education will not guarantee you a job but a future.

Your future? Education will not guarantee you a job but a future.

Anyway, this time I wont be talking about moral values. What I am going to talk next is your future or to be precise, next week. Next week as from Monday, 2 Feb and for three straight days, there will be three education exhibitions to study in the UK. Yes three! (3-in-1?)

  • Monday, 2 Feb – Education UK fair at the Songket Ballroom, Rizqun Hotel; organized by James Hon;
  • Tuesday, 3 Feb – Study in UK fair at the Empire Hotel; organized by HRD Education Services; and
  • Wednesday, 4 Feb – Education UK Exhibition 2009 at the Sutra Hall, Rizqun Hotel by the British Council.

British Council’s website here says these, if I may quote:

This exhibition will be held in February 2009 rather than coinciding with the Malaysia exhibition in March 2009. This is due to the following reasons:

The Malaysia exhibition is scheduled towards the end of March 2009, when the Brunei school break will take place.

The release of A-level examination results in Brunei is at the end of January.

The Brunei Ministry of Education scholarship submission deadline is two weeks after the A-level results are released. Many Bruneian students studying overseas are sponsored by the Government through various scholarship schemes; therefore, it is important to target those potential scholarship applicants.

I know choosing which course suits you can be daunting and confusing. I hope visitors to any of the fairs above will find more answers than questions in their heads when they leave the fair. Just be prepared; know what you want and know what questions to ask to the exhibitors. Look also for ‘marketable’ courses like those IT-related subjects. Dont apply for a place just because your friend applies there too. Also, you may bring your parents for moral support. Just dont let them choose the course or place for you. You should know what you want, not what they want. Hope I dont get shot by parents for posting this but I know the feeling. I have been there…
All the best with your exam results and your future! All my best prayers are for you all.

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  1. January 29, 2009 6:08 pm

    hello! ^_^
    Can you upload the A level result ? Novermber 2008

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