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Sihir and Syaitan

January 23, 2009

As I thought of the Chinese New Year and the recent natural disaster, an article appears in the Malay paper, the Media Permata today on astrology. Just for info, the paper always carry articles under its ‘Rohani’ or spiritual page but today I thought of sharing the article here today.

The title was an attention-grabber I would say in my word: Astrologi dan pengaruh syaitan (Astrology and the influence of the Devils). Scarry huh? But why should we be scarred right?

Anyway, it started by saying how from the earliest time of mankind until now, predictions from the stars have great followers across the globe. Some may use the predictions for entertainment or fun and there are those who believe them or those who don’t, at all.

The article said that this is human nature, wanting to know what our future holds and our intuitive mind will work. In the past, people believed that the stars and the heavenly bodies were actually gods and goddesses who have great influence towards the earth and its entire content.

Sihir or magic comes from the Arabic word of sahar which means the moment when it’s the last part of the night and the break of dawn. With this sihir, one would hallucinate, seeing things and such but its actually not happening.

Magic and such have been described many times in the holy Quran especially during the time of the Pharaoh or Firaun. Narrated by Abu Daud and Ibnu Majah, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has also mentioned that astrology is part of sihir.

There was also a story that one of his sons, Ibrahim, died during a solar eclipse and words were out that the eclipse occurred because of the death. Prophet Muhammad said that the sun and the moon are among the signs of Allah greatness and eclipses are not related to birth or death. Prophet Muhammad has also reminded us not to curse time or saying that this day is bad or the other day is good.

I think this belief still exist among the Malays where people would seek a ‘good’ day to hold an event in particular weddings. I remember someone gave me a guide to good days. Days are divided into four according to the Muslim month. So the first four days correspond to the first to fourth day and the fifth day and the next three days correspond back to 1, 2, 3 and 4 and so on. The good days are 2 and 4; so when picking a date just calculate the days. Got it? I hope so. Anyway, I don’t believe in this ‘good days’ guide. 

So, where’s the devil’s influence in magic you asked? The article was very long and translating it to English took me some time as I read and do the translation at the same time. At last, the last part of the article says where is the devil’s role in magic. It says the devils have an out-standing intelligence to deceit humans where they taught human on astrology and predictions. This is stated in the Surah Al-Baqarah: 102.

It says earlier sihir was taught to two angels by the name of Harut and Marut as a test on what have been taught to them however the devil also learnt about sihir. Fast forward during the time of Prophet Sulaiman, sihir was banned and all books about the subject were said to be buried when the prophet died. Upon being freed after the death of the prophet, the devil found the books and taught sihir to humans.

That was very long but anyway it was a good and interesting read. I hope we learn something today. Have a good Friday everyone.

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