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New Year resolution

December 30, 2008

It has become like a tradition for some people where they make resolution when the new year arrives including yours truly. I admit I got motivated and always in high spirit during the first couple of months during the new year but some where along the line, my resoultions (that’s a plural) got lost in the thin air. By the end of the year, I looked back (like I just did) and said to myself, ‘Hey, what happen to ….’ Hmm.

Now I read somewhere about tips on New Year’s resoultion and thought would like to share here. Here goes which I have added with my own words:

  • Be realistic – reality check. Spend some time thinking about what exactly that you hope to achieve and be realistic. Most common resolution is losing weight. Nothing wrong in this but be realistic in setting the target. If you think that you can lose two kilo per months, that’s ideal. Don’t say that you can lose 20 kilo within the same period. Unless you use some kind of miracle like diet pills.

    Personally for me, the faster I lose weight the easier they come back. Please ask if this is the same for yourself. If it is, it’s time to to do some reality check.

  • Take baby steps. Instead of having a long list on what you want to achieve, try limiting the list. Its better to do one thing well done then several poorly. If the result that you want to achieve is a tough one, dissect it to smaller pieces.
  • Write it down baby! Research has shown that closely observing AND recording what you do is a huge component of success. Write down what you have achieved and compare with previous record. Try this, it work for me.
  • Gather support. Work or work out with someone who has similar goals. Chose friends who are positive and has a high level of commitment. So anyone want to be my exercise partner next year, please send me an email. 🙂  
  • And, last but not least (my fav part) reward yourself. If you are stuck with your resolutions for two months, treat yourself to something that motivates you. New shoes, a spa or even a holiday (again) if you can afford to.

All the best with the New Year everyone. May the New Year bring more peace in this world; we all can make it a better place to live in. Here’s to a peaceful and greener planet. Amin.

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