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Foggy morning

December 25, 2008

20 hrs.

Fog surrounding Jerudong at 06:20 hrs.

I went out jogging one morning along Jerudong road. Sunrise now starts around 6:20ish. Not that morning. By 6:20am the area was a bit dark and only then I realised that it was surrounded by fog. I thought I was out in a cold country as it did remind me of such places. 

 From wikipedia:

Fog is a cloud bank that is in contact with the ground. Fog is usually the only clouds that touch the ground and it only differs slightly from other clouds in that it touches the surface of the Earth. The same cloud that is not fog on lower ground may be fog where it contacts higher ground such as hilltops or mountain ridges. Fog is distinct from mist only in its density. Fog is defined as cloud which reduces visibility to less than 1 km, whereas mist is that which reduces visibility to more than 2 km.Fog belongs to liquid

The foggiest place in the world is the Grand Banks off the island of Newfoundland. Fog is frequent there as the Grand Banks is the meeting place of the cold Labrador Current from the north and the much warmer Gulf Stream from the south. The foggiest land areas in the world are Point Reyes, California, and Argentia, Newfoundland and Labrador, both with over 200 foggy days a year. Even in generally warmer southern Europe, thick fog and localized fog is often found in lowlands and valleys, like the lower part of Po Valley and the Tiber Valley, especially in late autumn and winter.

So is it winter in Brunei now?


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