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Hope is real

November 20, 2008

Its World Children’s Day today. 20 November has been designated by the United Nations as the children’s day to promote the welfare of children in the world. The World Children’s Relief (WCR) was founded on the principle that inspiring real hope in children through education can be an important catalyst for human, economic and political stability throughout the world.

Err, click to donate please. Thank you.

Err, click to donate please. Thank you.

I like the poster’s sentence – Hope begins with an education. How true. Education gives us all the hope for a better life, not necessarily rich, let alone filthy rich. Again, here I am reiterating that Bruneians are very lucky with its education system. Free education at that. 

It does make sense isn’t it? Education is the only hope. For Brunei, education is free, and compulsory for the first 12 years from the age of six. Various laws exist relating to children. The law prohibit the employment of children under the age of 16. Parental consent and approval from the Labor Department is required for those under 18. Female workers under 18, may not work at night or on offshore oil platforms. (Didn’t realize this, Kellaz?) Alhamdullilah, so far I have never heard of reports on the violations of child labor in Brunei.

There was a concern raised previously on the number of children, could be siblings, who roamed the Serusop area, selling foodstuff to the public. I don’t know if this is considered child labor as I heard that the parents asked these children to go selling. So no law has been broken there?

Then there was the issue of the ‘Hari Raya collectors’ though as I reported in my earlier post, I don’t seem to see any more kids this year roaming from one house to another asking for ‘Duit Raya’.

Child sex abuse? Yes there are. It exist in Brunei but again, as always, numbers are difficult to obtain. The Taman Noor Hidayah in Kiulap offers shelter for troubled young  girls or those who have been sexually abused and have no where to go.

I am again grateful that I live in Brunei where the strong family values within the society have, the least, lessen the number of exploited children. Don’t worry about nosy neighbours. Report any abuse that you know is happening in your neighbourhood. Any kind of abuse.

Thanks to the government, all children regardless of nationalities under the age of 12 are given free immunization from diseases such as Rubella and Hepatitis. I am just concern on this report which says that 1 in 3 children in Brunei is overweight or obese. Too much love?

Click the link below for the World’s Children’s Day 2008 poster to find out more. Hope is there. Hope is real.


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