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Best Government websites

November 13, 2008

Congrats to the Ministry of Defence and the Department of Community Development (JAPEM) for winning the best Government website for the Ministry and Department categories respectively; in conjunction with the 2008 Public Service Day.

anugerah20cemerlang20copyTo quote from MinDef’s: The best websites were selected by judges who review the entered websites using the five criterias below:

* Basic requirements
* Usability, accessibility and design
* Content
* Services and Featuires (I guess they meant Features?)
* Innovation

The Official Government Excellent Award is the first ever sectoral program being held to provide recognition to Government Ministries / Department who have produced websites that are excellent, informative, up-to-date, interactive and user-friendly and simultaneously upgrading the quality of disseminating chain information to the public within and outside of Brunei.

I had a look at both websites and compared with the many others and honestly, they both stand-out from the rest. As a visitor to a website, I would like to see an updated page. Some, I’m afraid to say didn’t even bother to update the homepage. How sad. The MinDef’s for example, have updated their page today to include yesterday’s news that their site has won the award. I also like their news reports, good simple English and informative.

JAPEM also quickly put up a banner on their winning in their homepage. Just a note, that ‘Child- Sex Tourists  banner is surely catchy. Anyway, messages of congratulations filled their Shout Box. What instantly caught my eyes when I look at the site was its online form on, err, ‘Ruangan Mencari Jodoh’ or looking for a partner. No comment there but I remember years back, the department was concern on the rising number of singles in the country.

I was searching for statistics from the site but the page was unavailable. While you’re visiting the site, don’t forget to check out JAPEM’s Social Issues cartoons. The messages are there, at least in my own personal vies – a pervert, an abusive father, a dumped baby and others. Make these available on the home page I suggest, alternating with the Child-Sex Tourist banner.

Now the next award is for the best website from the private sector. I am sure this would be more competitive.

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