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Prince ‘C’ is coming

October 30, 2008

So THE prince is coming to Brunei tomorrow. Initially when I heard a UK prince is coming, straight away my mind narrowed down to err, Prince William (Is there a shy face icon here at WordPress?) Oh, its his father, the Prince of Wales and wife, Camilla. 

Now in Japan, the prince has the climate change and the environmental issues high on his agenda. ‘The Prince of Wales has warned governments around the world not to let concerns with the global “credit crunch” distract them from the growing problem of the “climate crunch”‘ says this article from the prince’s official website.

In Brunei he will be visiting the Badas Forest Reserve and plant the 1,000th tree there as a landmark, said this press release.

I think the prince has been ‘campaigning’ about the environment decades ago, just when the world found out about that hole in the earth’s ozone layer. He has been talking about climate change a long time ago when I was still in school. Of course, personally I wasn’t aware about the issues then.

He is also a supporter of the inter-faith relations. In 2004, His Royal Highness was awarded the Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah International Prize ‘for his work to promote greater understanding between the Islamic and Western world.’

When I told my mom about the visit, she thought the Queen would also be here. I replied, ‘Nope’. Mom then asked, ‘Why isnt he bringing his mother to Brunei?’ in her motherly-tone. No reply to that sort of tone. She loves the Queen whom she describe dearly as the pure English rose. I agree not just because she is my mom.

When I was small, I always thought that all princes are Prince Charming. Blame it on those fairy tales. It was more confusing as Charles also started with a ‘c’. I grew up thinking, surely I would meet my Prince Charming, dancing in a beautiful dress with white gloves, living happily ever after. I did and he is breathing behind my neck now….hehe.

Welcome to Brunei Your Royal Highnesses.

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