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October 27, 2008

“Later”, I said.

“What time is later?” asked my non-Bruneian colleague.

Then she added: “Everytime I heard a Bruneain says ‘later’ it worries me. I wouldn’t know when exactly. Would it be at six or eight in the evening or would it be the day after, in which case I also need to expect what time would that be.”

As I was too busy to explain why we Bruneains say later so I told my friend on the exact time. Actually I am still busy now; it has been crazy for the past couple of weeks due to my workload. I need a short break and thought of my blog…been missing updating it.

So, many things have happened in the previous weeks – the world financial tumble, the assurance from the Brunei Government (thank you Your Majesty), the melamine scandal (the list just got longer), schools, day care, house chores, my plants, etcetra.

I have put everything on hold just because of this very heavy workload I have at the moment. So, yes later to almost everything including updating my blog and I think this is the time for that ‘later.’ Now I have been staring at the screen blankly, when this ‘later’ time comes and I don’t know what should write about but ‘later’.



You don’t have to agree with me if I say this. When a Bruneian say later, it mean a certain time zone and not a specific time. ‘Later after Isya’ which means somewhere between eight to ten in the evening.  

‘After work’ could mean at five in the afternoon or six in the evening and surely before the dusk prayer.  ‘Later’ can also mean next time which again is not specific but could mean not in the near future when the speaker is free but then again you wouldn’t know when.

I have no idea why we are not the specific. Not that we are not keeping our word or are not being serious with what we are saying. I think the Malays in particular talk about things indirectly. They would use words more subtly and the listener might have to understand the hidden meaning. It sound complicated. Huh… my ‘later’ time is up…hopefully I would be able to write somemore here… later.

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